Paper/abstract review

1st Phase – Abstracts (blind review)

Authors should submit their abstracts online (here) for blind review by a panel of reviewers, who will be assigned abstracts, which correspond to their area of expertise. Following review, the conference organisers will select the papers and sessions to be included in the conference. The abstract should contain a maximum of 300 words.

Authors will be notified regarding the acceptance or non-acceptance of their abstracts. The accepted abstracts will be returned to the authors with the reviewers comments. Authors whose papers have been accepted should then submit their full paper at the designated time.

2nd Phase – Full papers (blind review)

Full papers will be uploaded to the conference website by the authors and reviewed by the group of reviewers. Authors will receive comments and should then upload the final version of their paper following provided instructions. The full paper shall contain no more than 3,000 words.