Research by Design Round Table


Research by Design Round Table

Sunday 10th September 2017 [2:00pm], University of Greenwich, London, UK

14:00                           Round table moderation:

Mick Abbott, Lincoln University, NZ, Steffen Nijhuis, TU Delft, NL and Paul Roncken, Wageningen University, NL

The place of design in research is a recurring focus for landscape architecture. And while the role of design in academic inquiry remains controversial in some quarters, a sense of change is apparent.

This workshop is an open invitation for researchers who are actively using design to investigate research questions and contexts. Our goal is to meet around a large table so each participant can share/present/discuss the manner of design-directed research they have completed and/or underway.

The purpose of this workshop is to share relevant design research methods and to foster connections and collaboration between academics and their respective institutions. We welcome short presentations of specific examples of current research by designing from your institutions to prompt a collective discussion on ‘research by designing’.

Other objectives for the round table: identify opportunities for collaboration, exchanges, themed conference tracks at future ECLAS conferences and fostering postgraduate research that uses designing as a core research method.

If you are interested in contributing please send an abstract by 29.08.2017 to

16:00                           Coffee break

16:30                           Summarizing round table outcomes and outlook                                               

                                    To be scheduled: a short intervention by the JoLA team at some point

Meeting ends in time to attend the ECLAS welcome reception.